Oh mood don’t get me screwed !

A mood is an emotional expression which could reflect on you behavior.It may last anywhere from a few days to several weeks. Mood affects the way people respond to certain incidents.

Well mood is like the weather.There are 2 types of emotional state Happy mood or depressive mood. We all are well aware to deal with happy mood.But most of us fail to deal with depressive state of mind.Depressive mood could be caused due to variant issues.

Betrayal is something which i felt is the mother of all problems.This can hit any person so hard that life comes to standstill for a long duration of time.Breach of trust and Betrayal in all aspects is very hard to digest.It easily attracts negative energy and leads to self destruction.

Let me tell you a small story…

Steve is a good Samaritan,he loves to help people and always cares about his dear ones.But there was one thing that cost his life .He was too caring and good by nature which eventually backfired.He intended to help his friend john and cared about his well being .But the John never valued Steve and instead undermined him.John had a serious problem, It was all about him most of the time.I, me ,Myself.He did not care about his well wisher. Turbulence struck john’s life, He was thrown off from his job and also had issues with his personal life.In between one fine day Steve gets a interview call ,he finishes the interview but he does not join instead he refers john to the company.He sacrificed his job for the sake of john. John attends the interview and he is offered the job.

Was this the biggest mistake committed by Steve? Sacrificing for John’s well-being?

It turned ugly when John started ignoring Steve.He was not even courteous enough to thank Steve.This led to the seed of breach.Because John use to always remember Steve when he was in trouble but use to forget him after the problems were resolved.This bad precedent of john humiliated Steve.There are limitations for everything.When one crosses the line,Its blown out of proportion that’s when small things are magnified.

Now as we all know “Trust is built up over years and destroyed in seconds”.

What Steve should be doing rather than messing up his mood?

  • Talk about the issue with someone who values you .
  • Share your feelings in person, Please avoid texting or discussing your problems over the phone.
  • Spend some time in a calm place.
  • Don’t let negativity to take over your mind.
  • There is no use of retaliation, Because life will teach them a lesson.
  • Damage has been done, But try to find a way to deal with it.
  • Learn from the incident and probably this is the best time to assess yourself too.
  • Accept the reality,be positive let karma take its call.
  • Forgive and move ahead(Let go of what you cant change)
  • Try to smile when you are in pain,It shows how strong you are as a person.


Many incidents can be described with regards to emotions.We all go through certain situations but its very hard to come out when you are not able to cope up with depressive situation.Example- Break up in relationships,Betrayal,Humiliation,Death..etc

“Expectations are pre meditated resentments”,So never waste your time on people who don’t value you. Well everything is in our mind.Its left to our choice on how to react or deal with situations.


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