Necessity of Good Worksphere

Dear Readers,

We all dream of joining a good company at some point of time.But many of us fail to sustain.The question is why?

Many recent survey and research suggests that lack of organization culture leads to high attrition and low productivity.Its a bad precedent indeed.Its funny many Corporate houses have slogan or statement such as “We are an equal opportunity employer and committed to providing equal opportunities in its employment, promotion, reward and development of staff. Our recruitment, development and promotion of employees is based on genuine merit and suitability for the job regardless of personal characteristics and circumstances.But do they really practice it?

Work Culture is not about rules and regulations.Its the mannerism on how the employees and the employer treats there organization.It shows the way in which your organization interacts with one another and how the team interacts with the outside world, specifically your customers.

If there is a great zeal within a organization it can give unimaginable results too.Well the opposite suggests Bad culture can bring down the house to rubble.It all starts with hiring the right candidate .Well its true you cant predict the sustainability of an employee.But one could try finding the right one.

The most important thing is Strong Visionary leadership.The fact is many of us fail to understand the vision and mission of the company,That is when things go terribly wrong.Secondly Employee engagement.Some companies believe showering few gifts or incentives could make there employees happy.

Well one cant completely agree.There are many reasons why employees don’t stay in a company for a longer duration time.In most of the countries across the globe .There are organizations which has no culture at all.It runs on the basis of profit.All they are bothered about is making profit.Well time has changed .Such practice will backfire.Work pressure and abusive atmosphere also leads to employees quitting the company.Example-Hotel industry.

It is very Important for companies that values workers for their contribution to the business, employees experience high morale and a positive attitude toward the organization. Workers with a positive attitude are loyal to the organization, which reduces employee turnover. Worker turnover has a high cost to a business, with increased costs for recruitment, hiring and training. A healthy corporate culture can help a company retain valuable employees and reduce human resources costs.

“Organization behavior analysts suggests train the people don’t lay off them”.

Work Life balance,Employee Relations and good remuneration are some important aspects of Organization culture.Well Dr.John Sullivan had once stated When there is no respect for each other.The business will not have the respect in the market.Companies with a good work culture gain a positive reputation among potential workers, which may attract talented and skilled workers to the organization. In addition to attracting high-quality workers, a well-regarded business reputation allows the company to charge a higher price for products and services and increases the value of the company in the financial market. Customers will prefer to conduct business with a business with well reputed organizations.

Good Organization culture is all about respect,loyalty,and commitment from both sides.The best anthem for good work culture is Not “I” but “We”.


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