Oh my oh my! What a cook am i !

Bonjour Folks,

Well i had been jobless for a while now ,There were many things running through my mind like any other individual.Apart from job hunting ,and the right job arriving at your door lately, In between the biggest question is, How do you spend time?

Well there are many contemporary ways to utilize time.Some of them are reading books,travelling,meeting friends ,writing blog,or surfing internet ,some people also sleep too.Well i did some thing different.

Cooking ! yup, I started to test my culinary skills.Well who says you need to be at a hotel to taste exotic food.Everyone is a born chef..all you need is ample time to test your skills in the kitchen.Cooking is no rocket science.


Now before we go ahead …

Note* Based on my experience ..please don’t offer the food to anyone..rather experiment on yourself.One should not be on a frame 🙂

I always wondered how to pass time.No interviews,these days all kind irrelevant job offers you get..Funny thing is you upload your resume on a job portal ,and you get a call center job and you happen to be a medical doctor..!Well its true don’t be surprised …the recruiters who call you well they don’t even find time to go through the entire resume..Well lets leave the topic aside ,shall we.

Where were we? alright cooking.So i was upset probably bit depressed too..and its psychologically proven that when you are doing nothing..one tends to consume a lot of food.So even i had a similar problem..Well one fine day i entered the kitchen.now i had only some lady fingers and onions.So i started cooking with steam rice .Now the biggest question in my mind was with 2 vegetables what am i gonna do.Its not hard to be a chef..you don’t need to refer a book or some TV show to be a cook..All you need is to think out of the box.So i sliced the onions ,then slit the ladyfingers and washed it with luke warm salt water.and there goes the deep fry pan with some olive oil in it.Now there were 2 ingredients which i noticed..Salt and red chili powder.Well i had the perfect picture about the dish by now.So i mixed salt and chili powder together and started applying it to the ladyfingers and once it was done.I fried it in the pan..guess what within mins the first meal was ready to serve. Bon appetite people.

Well it tasted so good with steam rice..well i finished the meal and i thought it was a delight indeed.While i was having my meal,i was wondering what to name it, Lady’s chili finger? Salt lady & chili finger? Na it is as good as killing the meal.

Hope you enjoyed reading my recent incident.Well there is message in this story.We all might face a similar situation..but one needs to find the way..!like the saying ” there will always be light at end of the tunnel” all you need to do is keep moving!

Instead of wasting time and getting depressed, Find a way out, do something which gives you peace.Whatever has to happen ,It will happen according to the time 🙂


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